DJ Classes

Stylus offers DJ Classes available throughout the summers and track out camps for students on a year-round calendar.

Private classes are also available. Call or email to learn more      919-346-4669

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DJ 101: Do you love music and technology, this is the class for you! Students get hands-on experience while learning the fundamentals of mixing songs, scratching sounds, and DJ music theory from professional DJ instructors. Students work on individual DJ workstations and will perform & record a short mini mix at the end of the program. No previous DJ experience required.

For further information you can contact Stylus by email at or by phone at 919-346-4669

Class Locations and Dates



Summer – 2016

June 13th through June 17th (Afternoon)  –   Durham Academy – Learn More & Register

June 20th through June 24th (Afternoon)  – Cape Fear Academy – Learn More & Register

June 27th Through July 1 (Afternoon)  – Durham Academy – Learn More & Register

July 18th through July 22nd (Morning & Afternoon) – Cape Fear Academy – Learn More & Register


Jason Huggins is a full-time professional DJ and experienced youth instructor. Starting in radio in 1998, Jason’s played every type of event imaginable and has professionally taught other pro Djs for years. Whether Top 40, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Glitch, Trap, Juke, Country, or Salsa, Jason will teach students how to cross genres and explore the history, science, technology, and methodology behind the worlds greatest Djs.

DJ 102: A more advanced class covering additional techniques and methods for accomplishing the art of the mix. Showcasing new technologies and opportunities for creative expression.

DJ 103:   Advanced individualized instruction


Summer Camp Student Mixes:

These students (aged 7 through 13) recorded their mixes after one week of dedicated instruction. They’re experimenting with tracks, blends, effects, key signatures, cue points, beat structures, tempo variations, and the technological challenges of working a complicated DJ board.

DJ Sizzle



DJ Lauren

DJ Cobra

DJ Rhythm Doctor