DJ Mixes


DJ Animal’s Best of Top 40 NYE Mix

This retrospective of all the biggest hits of 2013 rolled up into one amazing mix. Pay attention to how smooth Animal’s transitions are as he packs everything you loved from 2013 into three hours of unstoppable skill.

Part 1

Part 2


Doc Savage’s Indie & Uncommon Mix – Jan 2014

Let’s get obscure! Pay attention, you’ll be hearing a lot of these songs over the next year.


Eric Mills – DJ Animal – Old School Hip Hop Mix Jan 2014

Warning may be too much throwback awesomeness for younger listeners

 Clair & Seth’s Wedding in Sonic Miniature

  • Clair wanted to surprise her new husband with a unique birthday gift – so she contacted Stylus to create a custom sonic landscape that pulled everything they loved about their wedding day into one beautiful mix. You’ll find the mix beginning with the six songs they used for their ceremony – including her cousin singing – and moving into their bridal party introduction songs and all their specialty dances as well as their favorite moments from the reception, including Clair’s Aunt’s suggestion to do a Harlem Shake video, their cake cutting, and last dance. Suffice to say – he loved it – and so will you! (and yes, he’s a teacher…)


 Cornerstone Warm Up

Jason DJs at Cornerstone on Glenwood most weekends and here’s a mix from the 1st hour where you get a chance to see unassailable grooves and chill technique build momentum, energy, and emotion.

Animal Top 40

Dave Severance on the Decks!

 Swing House Mix – True Class in Action