Eric Scott Mills

Eric Mills

Eric Scott has been involved with music since the age of 6 years old and is proficient on several instruments (vocals, piano, drums and percussion). He started Dj’ing in 1987 playing teen parties and events. Even though he was still in his teens himself, he was guided and coached by his older brother of eight years who had been dj’ing in the club and radio scene for a while. Eric continued dj’ing for fun and as a hobby through college and his early adulthood until 1999 when he was introduced to Electronic Dance Music and the art of beatmatching and blending. It was at this point he decided to enter the nightclub world as “ANIMAL” and actually get paid to do what he loved as a supplemental income to his main career which was teaching high school music.

Originally from New Jersey, Eric aka ANIMAL has lived and held residencies all over the east coast from Miami to Virginia, Atlanta to New York, and all points in between.  In 2008 Eric decided to leave the field of music education and attain his Audio Engineering Diploma from The School of Audio Engineering and Institute of Technology in NYC. He now resides in Raleigh, NC and plays regularly at the hottest venues in town. He also plays many private events, weddings, and festivals.  His calling card is his ability to blend genres seamlessly and take dance floors by storm while providing his listeners with an evening to remember.

You’ll find Eric at a variety of residencies & private events

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  • Reviews:

ERIC – Stylus S.E. has provided entertainment for a number of events hosted by my company. As an event planner with a diverse range of functions and event clients, Eric and his team are absolutely a joy to work with.

Their talents span not only the music and technical aspects, but customer service as well. Stylus S.E. is one of the few local entertainment companies that I trust to foster the same respect and attention to my guests as I would. Great with reading a crowd, they can keep even the most apprehensive of folks dancing the night away. The environment Eric creates and versatility of his skill set is simply unrivaled by other entertainers in the area and allows him to fit perfectly with nearly any crowd and any occasion. You will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to book Stylus S.E. to play for my own wedding.


ERIC – We hired Stylus for our wedding.  Our DJ, Eric, worked around our schedules to meet with us before the wedding and had lots of good suggestions for music.  The whole stylus team was available via email or phone.

Instead of scripting out exactly what type of music we wanted for each part of the ceremony and reception, we gave Eric some guidelines on what sort of mood we wanted to create and some genre suggestions based on what we thought the crowd would like and then let him run with it.  He totally rocked it.  Sound was great, the music helped set the mood for each part of the wedding (pre ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, toasts, & dancing) and once the dancing started the floor was totally packed until the end.  The music was always present, but it never overpowered the party.

It was really nice to be able to just trust a big important part of our big day to a professional.  He did an excellent job of reading the room to keep the party going.  And I was amazed how many of my favorite songs, both new and old, he played even though I’d only give him very short “must play” and “don’t play” lists.

Really happy with how our event turned out and it would not have been as successful with a lesser DJ or DJ company.

Professional & fun.  Would hire them again without hesitation.