Joseph “Proto J”

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Joseph “Proto J” Speight

The Best Turntablist in the Carolinas & Superclub Marquee DJ

Joseph “Proto J” Speight is one of the defining DJs of North Carolina. An award-winning turntable champion who started DJing when he was 16, Joseph has been one of the most in-demand DJs in North Carolina since he first experienced mainstream success from his Hip Hop and Drum & Bass sets. Don’t let the golden-boy image fool you, though – his deep knowledge of music and music history make for truly unique sets that span genres and eras as seamlessly as his perfectly-creased attire.

With a deep love of classic Jazz, Soul, 90’s hip hop & liquid DnB, he’s currently working on a documentary about the Amen break, the most sampled (and popularly unknown) 7 seconds in all of music history. He’s also a voracious contemporary art consumer and travels to Art Basel in Miami every year.

Well known as Raleigh’s most fashionable man, you can expect his music to presented with the same expert flair and dynamic appeal that has made him a standout across the Southeast.

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