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Event Prep

Wedding and event prep is a crucial part of what we do. That’s also why weddings and corporate events are more expensive than just a regular party.

I’ve heard it said that as soon as you say ‘wedding’ it adds $1000, and while that’s certainly inflated for DJs, there’s actually a lot that goes into what makes a successful wedding versus what makes for a great bar or club show or a great house party.

For starters, let’s take a look at the amount of preparation we have to do for a ‘regular’ party.

While we certainly have spent years developing our skills, we’re just going to look at what we HAVE to do in order to be ready for something like a birthday or dance party.

  1.  Get all the Details correct  & turn away other work for that day
  2.  Stay on top of all the new music from every genre so that we can responsive to the event.
  3.  Contact the client again in advance to confirm the details and identify any challenges or requests.
  4.  Prepare music so we can be ready based on the client’s requests, usually takes
  5.  Check equipment and load up the vehicle with everything we need, including sound, mics and lights
  6.  Drive to the Location
  7.  Set Up & Test the Sound System in the (sometimes difficult) space
  8. Perform for hours
  9.  Remove & transport Equipment

That presumes there aren’t a lot of special music, special cues, and that the DJ is essentially doing what the DJ naturally does best – throwing a great party that get’s people dancing and having a great time. We’re looking about 5 hours of ‘not djing’ time that goes into the prep for the event, including packing up, traveling, music prep, and client contact.

The second we’re talking about a wedding, we’re adding multiple meetings over months and years, hours more prep and scores of music cues (unintentional pun). A wedding isn’t as simple as ‘show up and play’, and that’s why it’s more expensive.

Expect the DJ to put in around 20-25 hours of prep work in advance, including preparing all the specialty music, meetings, organizing the final details, communicating with the client and other vendors. In fact, if your regular DJ party price is a nice round number like $500, then a wedding should cost something like $2500 since you’re putting in 5 times the number of hours.

Think about it this way, your average ceremony is going to require a 2nd system, specialty microphones and additional equipment. It’s more work than a ‘show up and play’ birthday party DJ, even though it’s a ‘shorter’ event time, only an hour on average compared to a 3 or 4 hour birthday party.

Your wedding ceremony is going to have, on average, between 6 and 17 ‘cues’, which are specific moments that need to have specific music accompanying them. The more cues, the more prep time. Ceremonies usually have specialty music which needs to be purchased, tested, and prepped for use during the event. Your average ceremony will take around 1 – 3 hours to prepare for, not including your wedding prelude music (the music that’s playing when guests arrive, before the ceremony itself starts).

Once you get the wedding reception, that’s where it starts getting REALLY complicated for the wedding DJ, since clients have come to expect the wedding DJ to do more than just play music, the wedding DJ is also going to function as an emcee, event director, essentially the person yelling ‘action!’ on all the key moments, directing attention where it belongs, and then throwing a great party when the dancefloor opens.

The wedding reception you put together is going to be unique to you, but will most likely have between 25 and 80 ‘cues’, although some will have even more. Let’s assume that each ‘cue’ will take around 3 minutes to prepare for, that’s up to 4 hours of music prep – JUST music prep, not including anything else, like learning everyone’s names & pronunciations, developing your party playlist, testing mix ideas, or doing anything with equipment.

So, to be honest, if you’re expecting a $500 wedding DJ to the same thing a $1500 or $2500 wedding DJ is going to do, you may find yourself wishing they’d spent a little more time preparing, because you only get one shot at doing this right – it’s better to make a statement instead of a mistake. We recommend the best Raleigh Wedding DJs. 

Photo Booth

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Meet our DJs

Jason Huggins

DJ Jason Huggins – Jason is one of the best reviewed DJs in the region, equally welcomed and respected at underground EDM shows as he is in the grandest ballrooms. Keats called it ‘Negative culpability’, but we know it as excellence in every environment, from Fortune 500 company events and elegant private affairs to the dj booth at the areas hottest clubs. You’ll find his delivery unmatched, his technique and timing impeccable, and his focused professionalism the foundation of a great event. Jason is true audiophile and a sonic chameleon, able to create aural environments that shatter expectations and make him one of the most sought after DJs for event professionals and the cognoscenti.

Yes, that’s Charles Barkley.

DJ Collin Y – Collin is a national competitor and a true local legend. His easy going approach and warm personality make for unmistakably great events. You’ve never heard anything like it, unless you’ve been to any of his residencies at Isaac Hunter’s, Joel Lane’s, Napper Tandy’s , Amra’s, Dive Bar, Lucky B’s, or seen him as the official DJ/Emcee for the Duke home games or the announcer for Raleigh’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Stylus Wedding DJ Mix

A great blend of amazing music from across the spectrum. From a string quartet version of the Beatles “All You Need is Love” to Next, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, then a surprising melange of 5 songs AT THE SAME TIME including Outkast, Natalie Cole, and Edward Maya. This is a master in full command of his craft and Jason Huggins isn’t one to waste time, with nearly 30 songs in as many minutes, highlighting songs that riff on the theme of one of the most important days of someone’s life.