BOOK STYLUS NOW! Seriously one of the best decisions I made. My guests and family are still talking about how funny Jason was and how great the music was. I loved how he blended the music together instead of just playing one song, then another like every. other. DJ. It was a great blend of classic songs we choose for the older crowd blended with beats a younger crowd would love.

The awesome thing is we got to completely customize all of our music- we chose a ton of songs we loved for the reception/ceremony/cocktail hour and noted which ones we hate. The planning website they provide lets you have so much control of your music and make the day totally “you”. Jason was so great to work with and gave invaluable advice that no one else did. You don’t realize it until that day-but your DJ runs your whole event!! They can make or break the vibe and you definitely want a pro with great mic abilities to make the day run smoothly and add personality. Jason smoothed over a few bumps and got non-dancers involved and created great memories. Seriously a great investment!! So glad I didn’t choose one of those “bargain” companies.

Andrea – Wedding

When my husband proposed in Paris, I was so excited that I immediately started planning our wedding. Marrying a man from central Europe meant that we would need a DJ who could rise to the challenge of playing a wide variety of music. There was only one person I could think of who was talented and professional enough to accomplish this. I messaged Joseph, DJ Proto J, before I even returned to the states. From that first message until the day of our wedding, he was courteous, thorough, attentive, and so much more. He thought of things I would have otherwise overlooked, and made sure everything happened according to plan. My husband and I are not ones for dancing and considered forgoing the first dance, but he respectfully encouraged us to reconsider. Even though we both found it nerve-wracking, we are so thankful that we now have that memory to cherish. He provided a microphone for my Father, who was also our minister, to wear during the ceremony. Joseph stayed close by to ensure that the sound was just right, and it was. All of my husband’s friends and family members live throughout Europe, and very few were able to make the trip. Because of this, we agreed to invite very few friends and keep the day intimate, filled with family and focused on the ceremony. Having a much older crowd, guests who had a long drive back home, and an open bar and unbelievable sunset outside meant that there were very few people inside where Joseph was playing. That didn’t discourage him or stop him from going above and beyond to play every song we had hoped to hear. He may not have seen it, but we spent the night drinking, singing, and dancing under the sunset. Aside from providing sound for our ceremony and music for our reception, Joseph was patient and receptive to last minute changes. For weeks before the wedding, our house was filled with family to entertain while making last minute preparations. Needless to say, I was stressed. Text messages and phone calls to see how I was doing were certainly not something Joseph had to do, but he did. Joseph is not only a professional, talented DJ but is also a wonderful friend. If you’re looking for a DJ who can truly do it all, look no further. DJ Proto J will provide you with peace of mind, entertainment for all, and a night you’ll never forget. Thank you, thank you, thank you Joey!!

Sarah – Wedding

Joseph (DJ Proto J) went above and beyond what is expected of a DJ and I cannot thank him enough. He was one of the best decisions for our wedding. We were lucky to have Joseph step in last minute for us, and he was a huge reason why we had an amazing wedding day. I obsessed over the little details and Joseph had no problem literally spending hours going through my 14-page timeline, line-by-line, and making suggestions — all of which made the overall flow of our wedding day so much better. He not only asked for songs we wanted and did not want played at our wedding but he asked when we graduated so he knew the types of songs we and our friends grew up listening to. He went so far as to suggest to play some Asian songs for our families during cocktail hour and dinner and read our tea ceremony script, which our families really appreciated it as it made our wedding even more personal. He is not the type of DJ who will try to steal the show but what’s important to him is that you and your guests are happy and enjoying yourselves. The only “complaint” we received from our wedding was that our guests didn’t want the party to end! Even our venue owner was fascinated with Joseph, a “real DJ,” and they have already referred him to another client. Considering how many DJs have played at their venue, this is saying a lot.

As our wedding party speeches concluded, Joseph gave a few words on how he has truly enjoyed working with us. I have never been to a wedding where a DJ genuinely cares that much about the bride and groom to say the kind words he gave that night. A DJ is really what sets the mood at your reception and Joseph did a phenomenal job. He is so talented, knowledgeable, and will do everything he can to make sure your wedding day is perfect. You cannot go wrong with Stylus and I highly recommend asking for Joseph. Whether you are picky or just aren’t sure what exactly you’re looking for, Joseph will work with you and make sure you have the best night ever!

Kelly – Wedding

Jenni and Freddie were absolutely AMAZING!! Their friendly attitudes and skills and knowledge when it comes to music and weddings/events are something you can’t put a price on! Such a wonderful decision we made having them at our wedding as our DJ’s! LOVE THEM!!!

Danica – Wedding

ERIC – Stylus S.E. has provided entertainment for a number of events hosted by my company. As an event planner with a diverse range of functions and event clients, Eric and his team are absolutely a joy to work with.

Their talents span not only the music and technical aspects, but customer service as well. Stylus S.E. is one of the few local entertainment companies that I trust to foster the same respect and attention to my guests as I would. Great with reading a crowd, they can keep even the most apprehensive of folks dancing the night away. The environment Eric creates and versatility of his skill set is simply unrivaled by other entertainers in the area and allows him to fit perfectly with nearly any crowd and any occasion. You will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to book Stylus S.E. to play for my own wedding.


JASON – This wedding would have been a near-disaster without Jason Huggins/Stylus SE. I had no idea what to expect from a DJ, and initially wasn’t even planning on using one at our Sunday morning wedding, given the early hour, but I am so grateful that I did! Jason took the reins and turned our big day into something spectacular. He guided me through the planning process so that every section of the ceremony and reception were sonically covered. He asked about my favorite songs from high school, what my “guilty pleasure” music was, and helped me figure out how to respond if my mother-in-law requested something cheesy like “The Electric Slide.” He even explained how he creates the proper type of energy and customizes it for the timeline and responsiveness of the crowd.

Jason took care of covering sound for the ceremony (I hadn’t even thought to mic our readers and minister at our outdoor wedding), provided announcements during the reception so guests knew what to expect, and he gave us killer music. He read the mood of the crowd like a psychic and mixed up the beats and sounds to constantly keep it interesting. I didn’t think people would dance at 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon, but Jason proved me wrong! Several guests complimented me on the music at the reception, saying it was the first wedding they’d been to where they hadn’t been subjected to sub-par tunes.

Through it all, Jason was professional and authoritative. He kept the whole wedding running smoothly, which left me able to focus on just relaxing and having a good time.

This is one happy bride! I can’t thank Style SE enough for what they did for us.


ERIC – We hired Stylus for our wedding.  Our DJ, Eric, worked around our schedules to meet with us before the wedding and had lots of good suggestions for music.  The whole stylus team was available via email or phone.

Instead of script out exactly what we wanted for each part of the ceremony and reception, we gave Eric some guidelines on what sort of mood we wanted to create and some genre suggestions based on what we thought the crowd would like and then let him run with it.  He totally rocked it.  Sound was great, the music helped set the mood for each part of the wedding (pre ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, toasts, & dancing) and once the dancing started the floor was totally packed until the end.  The music was always present, but it never overpowered the party.

It was really nice to be able to just trust a big important part of our big day to a professional.  He did an excellent job of reading the room to keep the party going.  And I was amazed how many of my favorite songs, both new and old, he played even though I’d only give him very short “must play” and “don’t play” lists.

Really happy with how our event turned out and it would not have been as successful with a lesser DJ or DJ company.

Professional & fun.  Would hire them again without hesitation.


JASON – Jason was absolutely amazing! He got the style of wedding and music that we wanted perfectly! He talked us and the bridal party through every part of the reception from what to expect during introductions to how to cut the cake! He kept the reception moving and exciting and ensured that everybody had a good time! I cannot praise him enough!! This man knows what he is doing!


COLLIN – Collin was an awesome DJ! Was very easy to work with and kept the dance floor packed all night.


JASON – There are literally NO words to express our gratitude to Jason for making our special day unforgettable and most of all FUN! For us personally, the DJ selection was one of the most important decisions for the entire wedding. My husband is a former DJ and performed weddings for over 7 years, so he was extremely picky and of course thought that no one would live up to his expectations (at one point, he even suggested that he could DJ his own wedding). After our first in-person meeting with Jason, my husband immediately felt a wave of relief and truly felt confident in Jason’s abilities. Our wedding reception was absolutely the best time we have ever had! Jason did an amazing job mixing the music and keeping everything flowing. One of the things I appreciated the most was the obvious fact he was genuinely having fun. Every time I looked up, he was smiling and jamming behind the turntables. Jason definitely has a major talent for engaging crowds. He cracked jokes and continually had our guests laughing and smiling. At one point during the evening, I looked up to see my husband’s grandmother behind the DJ booth! Jason had brought her back there, put his headphones on her and she had her arms up, raising the roof!! It was unforgettable and my guests are still laughing about it! We also had numerous children at our wedding, and Jason was so thoughtful to include them. He came out to the center of the dance floor and asked all the kids to join him. He started a game where each kid got to run and slide across the dance floor to the music. The crowd went wild, cheering for each kid as they took their turn!! Jason was so in-tune to our guests and was able to create these amazing, unplanned moments! To all the future brides out there… Jason is the only choice for your wedding! He is professional, timely and organized, but most importantly, he is charismatic and will create a personal experience for you and your unique guests.


JASON – Jason was an outstanding DJ! Jason was professional & always was early to any appointment we had with him. We had a 2pm wedding and a 230pm reception. He had everyone dancing (especially for an afternoon wedding). He brought such an awesome energy to the wedding. A few of our friends are music snobs & they said that Jason did an outstanding job. Our caterer said she’d never seen so many people dancing at a wedding before. He BROUGHT the party. He also did an outstanding job with our uplighting in the venue. I would hire him again in a heart beat.


JASON – Stylus SE did a fabulous job at my daughter’s Sweet 16!  We asked him to play an unusual array of music and a few specific instructions and he rolled with it.  Our guests loved the variety in the music and the dancefloor was packed all night. I was very impressed with how courteous, timely and professional our DJ was!  I highly recommend Stylus SE for any event!


JASON – Jason was our DJ and did a phenomenal job- the dance floor was packed the entire time, and everyone from college friends to the older guests have commented on what a great job he did. Jason really knows his music- and he will find a way to make everyone has a good time.

Kristen  WEDDING

JASON – I fully recommend him as an awesome, charismatic DJ for your big day. (he) makes it very easy for you to plan just about everything for your reception (the online planning tools are very easy to use, and I suggest using the “notes” section as much as possible if you have specific requests) and you get the impression that when you are talking in meetings, they are actually listening. The price value for such a great DJ is unmatched, so do yourselves a favor and book a meeting with Jason ASAP!

Lindsay & Dryw  WEDDING

COLLIN – Collin was great! He did the music for our ceremony and reception and was very creative and fun! Our guests loved him! He even allowed me to “DJ” for awhile at the wedding which was one of the most memorable parts for me. The value was amazing and his prices are excellent compared to some of the larger DJ companies. His prices are comparable to part-time DJs and Collin is a full time DJ in downtown Raleigh. We considered using a part-time DJ to save money, but were so thrilled to find Collin at an awesome price!


JASON – We met with him about a year prior to the wedding and he gave us the best ideas to spice up our reception. A month later everyone is still talking about how great our reception was and how they loved the playlist. He listened to our wants and needs and exceeded them. I would definitely recommend him.

Nichole  WEDDING

JASON – Jason was our DJ. He is a natural as an emcee, and was very good at keeping everything moving as scheduled. He did a great job mixing the music as well. We had a ton of songs on our playlist, and knew that we wouldn’t be able to hear all of them, but he was able to get some more songs in by mixing them in cool ways with some of the other songs. He was even nice enough to play an extra song at the end of the night that my husband requested, even though he had already stated that the next song was going to be the last song of the night. (He) was great to work with from beginning to end.


JASON – I met Jason at a bridal show in Raleigh and knew from the day I met him that I wanted to use him for my wedding DJ. He proved even BETTER than I thought. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact (him). He made the whole night so smooth, and things flowed so well. He really knew how to work the crowd so that EVERYONE would get on the dance floor at some point, even elderly people. He did a great variety of slow and fast dances. If you’re looking for a wonderful dj for a Raleigh wedding, please contact them and I especially recommend Jason Huggins! 🙂

Kristen  WEDDING

JASON – !! Well, since little Will (sign bearer) decided he was the President of the Party I guess that made you the King of the Party! Jason, you did such an amazing job of never stopping for a minute to entertain us and our guests at our daughter’s wedding. She was absolutely thrilled and so was Joe, the groom. It was such a memorable evening….seeing Michelle dancing with her Daddy and all the fun everyone had was a memory I will never forget. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart… is the heart and soul of life, and you made that happen for us……Peg (Mother of the Bride.)

Michelle  WEDDING

JASON – We know that the DJ makes or breaks the party. For all the DJs we’ve heard over the years, one stuck out the most… Jason. We heard him play at a wedding we photographed at Haywood Hall in Raleigh and as soon as we had the date set for our own wedding, he was one of the first vendors we contacted. We had him drive all the way to the coast of NC for our wedding and it was worth every cent! We even had him stay an extra 2 hours (5 hours total!) because everyone was having such a great time and he kept the party going. Jason did a great job working in our requests, helping suggest ways to make our ideas work, and did a fantastic job reading what our guests were most responsive to. We really appreciated the fact that he would STOP a song if he noticed it cleared the dance floor. Why try to make it work if it’s not going to work? He knew how to keep the floor packed ALL NIGHT. He also suggested a lot of great ideas for our wedding in general that we actually used… like having a raffle. It’s the little things 🙂 I don’t think you can’t go wrong with these guys!


JASON – We didn’t really know what to do or what we wanted for our wedding music, but we met with him twice before our wedding and gave us a lot of help. He really made our day run smoothly- even when we changed up things in our reception last minute- 15 minutes before our 1st dance we asked to change our song, Jason went into the house downloaded the new song and it was ready to go! He was great & we would highly recommend him 🙂

Lauren & Dale 

JASON – He completely understood the vibe we were going for. He did an excellent job of playing the songs we requested and coming up with his own songs that fit wonderfully. He was also incredibly flexible the day off. The groom changed his mother/son dance song at the last minute. We had a table of friends singing Disney songs to themselves so he played a few Disney songs for them. He had a great stage presence and made a great MC. The only complaint we got was that some of our older guests thought that the music got a bit too loud near the end of the evening. However, our friends preferred it that way. So it all worked out. I would definitely recommend Jason.

Andrew & Nicole 

JASON – We were wary of the traditional wedding DJ and had a very particular vision of the kind of music we wanted and how we wanted our event to flow. Jason executed this vision flawlessly and completely exceeded our expectations. That our friends, who are not big dancers, were on the dance floor for most of the evening is a testament to Jason’s ability to read the crowd and set the mood. He was also great with our nieces and nephews and let them play with his turntables. I would hire him again in a second!


JASON – Going to talk to him was so easy, he was very friendly, would joke around and I could tell he was really looking to make us happy. He asked a lot of questions, what style of music I wanted him to play during certain events (symphonic vs quartet style classical, familiar songs done by a string quartet or more stereotypical classical music during dinner), as well as when I wanted him to play certain songs that may be a little more inappropriate for little kids to hear. The best part, right after the rehearsal my maid of honor started messing with her phone and she had the Ghostbusters theme song on it. As this is my husband’s favorite movie EVER, this eventually led to the idea of the theme song being the recessional song. I was fine with this, but I knew somebody else would have to ask the DJ the next day, as there would be no chance I’d get to talk to him prior to the ceremony. I also realized that anybody else asking him would probably get a “no” because he wouldn’t know whether or not I was ok with the switch. I wrote a permission slip and signed it, and the bridesmaid who got to ask for the change gave it to him and because of that, he made the change. It made my husband so happy, and his entire family cracked up over it, because they knew it was his favorite movie.

Laura – Wedding

JASON – We had considered just putting play lists on our ipod but realized that it probably wouldn’t be the best idea. we picked jason because his favorite music was the closest to our tastes. we were VERY controlling when it came to the music and jason was so accommodating. we gave him all of our cocktail hour music and dinner music, then some of the reception music. we were really adamant about keeping the cheese to a minimum and he did an awesome job of keeping the crowd going without resorting to the usual corny dj antics and songs. he even through in a few songs that he knew we’d like and we were thrilled with them! had a few “why didn’t we put this on our must play list?” moments. the website also has some really cool tools to help plan your ceremony and reception. it’s good to know that the dj has all of the information there. overall, we couldn’t have been happier.

Brandi & Chris 

JASON – We went in not knowing what to expect and he was experienced and friendly enough to help us along the way. I loved the website that they have, which lets you constantly update the playlists, special songs, and bridal party names. He was great interacting with our guests and keeping things running smoothly on the wedding day. Jason made our guests laugh quite a few times with his sense of humor and seemed prepared for even the most unexpected. One of the highlights of the evening was the spontaneous “It’s Raining Men” performance by our groomsmen that our guests still talk about. The price wasn’t too bad for all that was included, and everything was set up wonderfully by the time we arrived. I would definitely recommend this company!


JASON – The vendor that was most important to me was to find a great dj. Jason was everything we wanted just by talking to him at the bridal show. He had an awesome down-to-earth personality, we knew right away he was our guy..haha. he was awesome to work with. Whatever we wanted, we got. He figured out our crowd and the music we liked. He kept it flowing, He had everyone participating. He did a great job! highly recommended

Daniel & Elise